With an extra measure of jazz chops,Glen Neff is head and shoulders above the Budd/Eno clones in his sophisticated use of harmonics,rhythm’s and synth voicings. His music is as adventurous and lively as much of that other stuff is predictable and cumbersome. Synthesist Neff is a true improvisor and a reflexive expert at reacting to himself on tape. This one-man interactivity is compelling in and of itself, but really counts are the basic building blocks of Neff’s music- the notes themselves. Since the the compositions are initiated spontaneously and later embellished, the musical mind of the initiator had best be fertile. Tis’. Neff,to a degree, shows the results of a jazz background in his extemporaneous melodicism , but he hasn’t got a bunch of rote bop licks to trot out. The innocence of his lines works extraordinarily well with the complexity of his construction. The more traditional textures , the ones to which words like “majestic” are usually applied are here made into something more substantial, thanks once again to Neff’s melodic ingenuity and a decidedly avante-garde bent in the peripheral activity, plenty for an inquisitive brain to chew on.” Mike Keneally(Frank Zappa) Reader-San Diego

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