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Twitter: @PrinttsA
YouTube: YouTube.com/wincampmusic
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Management: MhgMusicGroup
Contact info: Johnathan 1-817-791-7048

Printts A, born Alexis Simon, has always been deeply involved in music and writing. Since he was the age of ten he has been writing and playing musical instruments. Of course as time went on he began to improve in skill and attempted to branch out and broaden his horizons. When he was about fourteen, he began to start making beats for hip hop and rap productions. No one ever purchased the beats but he was getting something more valuable than money, experience. He was learning things about making beats he couldn’t have learned unless he dove deep into the subject. Printts A always freestyled, but after beginning to produce beats he began to do it more feverishly and became pretty good at it. Now he raps confidently and claims jokingly to be one of Lafayette, Louisiana’s best kept secrets. He has made a couple great songs including “Used to Have a Soul” and “Tryna Be this Fly”, which featured one of Printts A’s partners in rhyme, Nukk X. He has also made a couple mixtapes, “Used To Have a Soul” Vol. 1 and “Beat Breaker”, which was an entirely instrumental mixtape. The next mixtape was a huge collection, twenty seven songs and it was called More Important Things. Since then he started WinCamp Music collective with Nukk X, R.E.G, Juan, Kuzan, K O Ken, and Casual Look. In the summer of 2010 Wincamp Music produced a compilation called And Betta Yet. Singles from that album were So Loud ft. Printts A and R.E.G and Good to Go ft. Nukk X, R.E.G and Printts A. The latest album from Printts A is Your Other Favorite Rapper, which was entirely produced and recorded by Printts A. The singles from that album are “YOFR” which was a hype club banger and “Last Night” which is a song that’s more for the ladies.
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