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Wrote this when I was feeling lonely over the holidays last year. The choice was drinking/misbehaving, or settling down in front of guitar/piano and embracing the melancholy (and shedding a few tears). I chose the latter.. I had a cold when recording – gives the vocal a more vulnerable sound..
Earlier this month, I traveled to Minneapolis to film the video with a talented young video director, Maximilian Salim, who flew in from Vienna for the shoot. I’m originally from the Midwest and went to school in Minnesota, so I kept remembering my past and childhood as we shot the video.
If you’re feeling a little blue or lonely, embrace it. Watch the video 🙂
Haesemeyer (HAZE-mire) is an SF-based performing artist who fuses folk and rock genres, emphasizing intimate vocals, acoustic instruments, and the rhythm section of a rock band.
Sounds like: Ryan Adams, Neil Young, Mumford & Sons, Springsteen, Dan Wilson, The Blank Tapes
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