It’s almost the last blog of the year 2013. I said, almost, ’cause right now I want you to get up-uh and get funky!
Y’all know I like to get my funk on and brothers & sisters, does the Charles Walker Band just do that! Good God-uh! ‘Hope’ has everything I could hope for, sexy bass-line, those funky horns and the vocals, Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm. I sure as hell understand why The Charles Walker Band won the WAMI award earlier this year! Let me put it like this, they can funk me up anytime in 2014-uh!

Check in with Charles Walker Band on:
Twitter: @cWalkerBand
Facebook: facebook.com/WalkerBand
Website: walkerband.com
iTunes: Charles Walker Band’s single ‘Hope’
This was presented by The Dutch Guy

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