When last we saw London based The Paul Garner band, they were a four piece celebrating an excellent reception for their debut album in the Blues press – ‘What Colour Will You See’ was a brilliant call to arms for roots fans, and the intriguing question is whether lightning can strike twice in terms of quality.

To make things more challenging, a departing bassist has left keyboard player Claudio Corona the responsibility of picking up the slack on his left hand. And, to his credit, the newly minted trio have barely skipped a beat. The seamless transition has no doubt been arduous behind the scenes, but listening to this it seems effortless.
In terms of tracks, the album opens with arguably its weakest track, the reggae-lite ‘My Babe’. While still good, the track doesn’t stand up to the rest of the album with its simplistic lyrics and structure. Much better is ‘Blue Morning Light’, with a sparse opening which builds nicely into a looped groove and stays away from 12 bar tropes, instead creating a smooth sound overlaid by an effective vocal.
The latter is typical of the LP – well produced, well-constructed and well written roots funk which doesn’t lack for some solid guitar work to build on its honeysuckle blues chords. This LP is well worth a look for roots lovers.

MuzicNotez Crew

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