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The MuzicNotez Battles are back! Every season of the battles has been better than the last. This round will be no different! We’re kicking off with the rock battle again. As usual this round features talent from around the world. You will have 2 weeks to vote 10 times a day for your favorite to move on to the Championship Battle where they will have a chance to win the $500 value GRAND PRIZE!!

Uncle Balzak

Song: Big Brother
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Ontario, CANADA

Ten A Penny

Song: Revolution Of Pi
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London, UK

The Vibe

Song: Public Enemy
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London, UK


Song: From Yesterday
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Tokyo, JAPAN

Elephant 12

Song: Love Knock On Wood
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Toronto, CANADA/London, UK

Screaming Eagles

Song: Rock N’ Roll Soul
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Belfast, IRELAND

It’s hard to choose, because all these bands rock, but pick your favorite to move on and vote NOW >>
If you have any questions how our battles work or how to become part of our battles learn more here.

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