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CoCo and the Butterfields from Canterbury UK sprang to life in September 2011 as a humble folk trio. Nowadays they’re more accurately described as a five-strong major kick on the South East music scene, a truly colourful, energetic & crowd-stamping act to be reckoned with, performing their own unique fusion of Folk, Pop and Hip Hop, or “Fip Fok” to their fans. Within a year CATB had earnt themselves the title of the UK’s best unsigned act, collecting several more song writing awards, 250,000 YouTube hits and shared a stage with internationally renowned artists King Charles, Bastille and The Pogues.
‘Warriors’ is a great song choice, the track showcases the band’s distinct sound quite succinctly. Opening with the song’s powerful chorus line, delicious harmonies and infectious melodies capture the listener immediately. This builds into a foot-stomping instrumental section highlighting the band’s talents.
“Warriors” acoustic HD session

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