Teen Sensation Caleidra Debuts New Video & Free Download For ‘Ask Me Why’

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After the soaring success of her previous releases, ‘Miss Me’ and ‘With You’, Caleidra is back stronger than ever with a new masterpiece ‘Ask Me Why’.
Unlike most teen stars, Caleidra found success after her GCSE music coursework led to her being spotted by world renowned producer John McLaughlin- with five number one records and more than twenty top ten hits to his name who “had to work with her” on ‘Ask Me Why’.
Following the debut single ‘With You’, Caleidra gained great support and a solid fan base which led to the release of a second single ‘Miss Me’, which shot her to fame. She featured on ITV’s Daybreak and Granada Reports twice, performed live on BBC Radio Manchester and Salford City Radio, as well as substantial coverage in the national press; teen magazines such as Mizz, Shout, and MyBliss, along with Indie Music Mag and Music Week.
Despite her young age (she’s just turned 17) Caleidra is certainly establishing herself on the pop scene, singing about mature themes such as relationships, love and self-confidence. Astutely fusing elements of pop and indie, ‘Ask Me Why’ combines delicate narrative verses with a powerful chorus that cries defiance and self assertion. Caleidra’s powerful vocals are well accompanied by a strong beat, indie guitars, a subtle synth and a chorus that just begs to be sung along to, altogether making one great tune.
With the help of ‘Ask Me Why’, Caleidra is set to capture the hearts of pop fans everywhere.
‘Ask Me Why’ will also appear on a new EP coming later this summer

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