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Inspired by the likes of Marron 5, Jamiroquai, The Strokes, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs and David Guetta, Vik Valda´s music embrace his own brand of house-infused dance-rock music, combining punchy house grooves and ambients with rhythmic funk-rock guitars and catchy melodic vocals, creating with this, a sonic mix that pumps your body up, brings the party vibe on and lets you explore the pleasures of the night.

Vik Valda´s new single “FUnK with U!”, available for download this june 25th 2013, is the ideal song for you if you desire to live the fun, lust and excitement of that crazy party in which your desire for emotion is the only limit.
Vik Valda is a mexican singer, producer and multi instrumentalist that started his musical career at the beginning of the 2000´s; with his first band called Malviaje, he released an independent LP called Malviaje. After the Malviaje experience Vik Valda became the front man of several rock bands that performed in many of the most important clubs of the Mexican club circuit. In 2010 Vik Valda founded “El Centro de Instrucción Musical DARA” a music academy created to boost and promote the mexican musical talent to all over the world. After 3 years of absense from the stages, in 2013, Vik Valda returns to the music scene, and to his musical roots, showing in his music what he likes the most: girls, partying and having fun.
Matthew Forss, music journalist for the Edmonton, Canada-based Inside World Music (www.insideworldmusic.blogspot.com) made a review of Vik Valda’s single “Shake da house” . He wrote “Shake Da House is an upbeat romp in dance-house music heaven. There are ample electronic inflections with heady vocals and rhythmic melodies that are fairly straightforward. The light use of electronic embellishments, persistent use of rippling guitars, and heady vocals and song structures with an European flair and Mexican origin make the song shimmer with vibrant sounds that are catchy and memorable. Vik Valda does not disappoint. ”
Now you can experience Vik Valda´s music live with his tour “Pumping the roots” that started this may 2013; it will hit your senses with a blast of energy, good vibe and party essence. You got to be there!

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