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“Hamburg Schlock!” will be alternative pop music in the good old fashioned composing style of the sixties and seventies – produced in a mash-up of classic and modern sound aesthetics. Role models for songwriting, arrangement and production are style-setting albums of pop history like “A Day At the Races” or “Abbey Road” and the works of modern artists like Beck, Grandaddy or AIR.
I want to do recordings in a more traditional manner and combine them with modern production methods – like remixing, audio mashups, etc. This is achieved by songs, that are arranged and recorded in a classical way, only to be cut apart in a destructive process, modified and reassembled. (Think!: Danger Mouse – Grey Album) The basic concept of Hamburg Schlock! holds a little bit of musical deconstrucivism. (Booaaah again!) – Grandweirdo on his upcoming album
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