Hold up, wait a minute! After his successful first single ‘Like You Never‘ of his EP ‘A Kick A Snare An Idea‘ (read here), my brother Ty is back at it again!
Dope beat, tight rhymes and the scratching just flows on ‘Let’s Start‘. Combine that together with just a wicked and colourful music video and I’d say Ty dropped another grand slam dope jam on us!
By the way, Ty? Can you teach me those superb dance moves you did at the end? Beats the hell out of my ‘White Man Carlton Dance’! Just sayin’ 🙂

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Twitter: @TyMusic
Facebook: facebook.com/TyMusicFanpage
Website: tymusic.co.uk
iTunes: “A Kick A Snare An Idea”
This was presented by The Dutch Guy
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