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Raw, retro, agressive, chill, jammy, melancholic, bluesy, grungy, rock alternative band with the perfect balance between the female lead vocal which reminds you a ripe “juicy” fruit and rocking heavy “beefy” sound of the band.

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The trio, Mario, Heni and Rob have been together as musicians for over a decade. They started in a garage in a small town in Slovakia, EU in 2000 as a hard rock band. After 5 years they got hungry after travelling and went to UK after a better life and keep playing. Later they arrived to Austin, TX to play Heart of Texas festival during SXSW 2007. The band broke down and built back up with a stronger basement and kept working on songwritting. Coming back alive in 2009 as a metal project Bionicore, they score a winning spot of the local battle of bands which confirms the potential. There`s not much opportunity in music In deep south Texas so Heni,Mario and Rob decided to move to California. There they met Zac in LA who played in different jam bands and started to talk music, later went went to a rehearsal studio and jammed up a song and left happy from the room and decided to keep going and established regular practices and started to work on songs. After 3 months the band is ready to record their first set of songs and to play short gigs of originals. Fruit n Beef goes to Playback studio in Santa Barbara and records four songs and releases first single “In my head” in mid march 2013 which is followed by live performances in small venues in Santa Barbara and LA area.

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