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I know, I’m sorry, I suck! Today I’ve been way behind schedule with dropping this blog-post, but it was for a dayum good reason! I wanted to make sure you were one of the first being able to download this hot new single of Devyn Rose, FOR FREE!
‘Want It All‘ is an emotional example of what’s coming with her soon to drop EP. It’s gonna be real… It’s gonna be personal… Watch Devyn Rose’s teaser video and you’ll know what I mean!
With the music video dropping soon and her EP on April 30th, I’m gonna have a little chat with Devyn soon. And who knows, we might throw in a surprise or two…

Check in with Devyn Rose on:
Twitter: @IamDevynRose
Facebook: facebook.com/OfficialDevynRose
Website: devynrose.com
Soundcloud: Single “Want It All” (Free Download!)
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