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Built around the vision of co-founder and lyricist, Anthony (A-Mens) Mensah, State of Play, brings together a diverse array of musicians intent, not only on bridging genres, but blurring their distinctions entirely.

Whilst a young A-Mens was cutting his teeth rapping over dubstep inspired beats, guitarist and co-founder Alex Fernandes was busy steeping himself in the traditions of blues based rock. Though already a seasoned solo artist by the time they first met, when the two started working together, Anthony became convinced that a band of similarly like minded people was needed to create music that, rather than simply backing his words, would match their message. After a year of gigging, writing, collaborations and personnel changes the band’s line up was finalised early 2012, with their EP, Welcome to the State’ being released on the 6th November 2012.
Switching seamlessly from slow syncopated grooves to bombastic assaults of sound, Welcome to the State showcases a range of diverse musical elements that, against all odds, find themselves collating into an utterly unique signature sound.
From the opener Sequel to a Bad Movie with its colossal riff, through to the pensively paced, sample-heavy swagger of Time, the EP touches on a plethora of genres. For most groups, such eclecticism could only be the result of self-conscious experimentation with the unfamiliar – an attempt at some sort of novelty. For State of Play it’s the exact opposite. They don’t need to branch out since they’re already bringing so much together.
The whiplash-inducing bounce behind a track like Hero should prove irresistible to anyone, whilst R+B hit-in-waiting, 1 from 2, has all the elements of a timeless pop song; a great hook, soaring vocals and enough subtle nuances in the instrumentation to reward repeated listening. The music they create, far from being some kind of esoteric fusion, is not only coherent, but endlessly accessible.

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