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Back in the day, when I was still on the radio, it became harder and harder to sneak in a record or two per show of a hot rocking artist I just discovered. The suits at the radio station, and this is how it works on most stations, were afraid for listener tune-outs.

Don’t get me wrong now! I do love all music, mainstream or independent. I do respect the classics. Sharing music is my passion! But since there are enough outlets who are covering mainstream artists, I’ve decided to devote my time to introduce you to the awesome new music that is really out there, but you won’t hear or see on mainstream radio/TV stations, because of their ‘fear’!

So when I got asked by Jon of Cyber PR if I would be interested to do an interview with TQ, I was hesitating! Interview with TQ is cool and all, but I’m covering independent artists. And come on, TQ is hardly indie, right? Big mainstream artist with numerous hits? Remember ‘Westside‘? Turns out TQ had an interesting story to tell, interesting for both fans and independent artists!

The Dutch Guy (TDG): My first question for you is… Can I borrow 20 bucks? There’s a legendary album coming out I like to get!


TDG: While a lot of indie artists are working hard to get their name out, to get that major record deal, I found out you went the other way. You went independent by choice! What brought you to that decision? What was the defining moment?

TQ: I’d have to say Cash Money. Baby (TDG: Bryan Williams, co-founder of Cash Money Records) let me see a lot of sh*t. I think at the time, his other artists weren’t as interested in that side of it maybe? I don’t know for sure but I’d listen to him talk sh*t about how he made this move or that one. I’m like, ‘This fool is gettin it! He’s hustlin’!’

I used to ask him questions. So when my deal was up, I just went and did the same thing he did. LoL! My fan base is way smaller but then again, I don’t need a jet or a diamond as big as a baseball. Three 49er tickets and my kids in some fresh new shoes does me fine.

TDG: Was creative freedom one of the biggest reasons?


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