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Written by Nigel Roberts

Singer-songwriter Telen Rodwell is the latest Australian export looking to bring his brand of pop to the UK. Pulling together acoustic guitar, major chords and a smooth vocal style, Rodwell’s debut single could well see him catapulted into the charts.
And while many might think that chart music isn’t necessarily the mark of a good track, in the case of ‘Heart of Gold’ it’s a welcome break from the dance-pop that fills the billboards at the moment. The use of clean acoustic guitar lines lifts it above many songs of the same genre, and though it might have some of the more ear catching nuances of contemporaries such as Newton Faulkner and Jason Mraz, there’s definitely potential for growth.
‘Heart of Gold’ can be found on Soundcloud and will be available from all the usual places from March 4th on Borough Records.

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