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CANDY MACHINE GUNS are our new MuzicNotez Battles CHAMPIONS! Congrats to them! It was an extremely well fought battle by all the contestants, however when the clock struck zero Candy Machine Guns came out ahead. This has been the best competition overall we’ve had to date, and can’t thank you all for the support enough. Even more so than the support of MuzicNotez, we truely thank you for supporting our amazing musicians.

Candy Machine Guns

Winning Track: Mad Love
Listen Here!

From: WI, USA

In 2011, a band of epic proportions came to be. In the midst of nothingness and despair- also known as Wisconsin- four people came from parts a-spread, and united to form the greatest band the world has ever seen CANDY MACHINE GUNS! They had grown tired of driving roads that went nowhere, fighting battles with no winners or losers.
Armed with enough grit to get the job done, the full on aural assault that is their sound, and the most intense ambition you’ve ever seen in a band bio, they quickly set afoot to conquer the world. But first came the important task of writing and recording music, for the army that was soon to be, to march to.
Candy Machine Guns – “Candy Machine Guns are hard workers to say the least, but every one of the bands we competed against really made us work for it. And, for that, We respect all of you. We also hate you. And for that, you will all be destroyed like M. Bison on Street Fighter 2.. or maybe even a more epic death, like that of Hitler’s head exploding at the end of Bionic Commando!
“We would like to emphatically thank anyone and everyone who voted for us, and the MN crew, who are now our slaves! DO YOU WORK, NET MONKEEZ!”
-Hobbes Caltous

MuzicNotez Crew

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