A Fire With Friends

Formed in Scranton, PA, in 2008, A Fire With Friends produces simple yet intricate rock melodies accompanied with resonant harmonies and exemplary musicianship of its members. The band’s instrumentation blends together proficiently and accompanies the lyrics perfectly. The band has two self produced EPs to date. Happily Haunted was released in June 2010 and their follow up, Like Giants Sleeping in Basements, was released in July 2011. Both EPs showcase the distinctive and distinguishable rock sound of the band. READ MORE & Take A Listen >>


With their self-proclaimed style of “Amerciana swamp music”, Buggaboo is making their mark in the Americana genre. The band produces a nostalgic sound and epitomizes the true nature of the genre. Having previously fronted other bands and played in a variety of projects, Chad Pope, Clayton Colvin, and Douglas Jay Boyd collectively share and bring their experiences together to perfect their undeniable sound. Drawing influence from succh artists as Tony Joe White, Ray Wylie Hubbard, and Jonathan Byrd; Buggaboo strives to pay homage to the past by composing signature songs that hold true to the Americana style. READ MORE & Take A Listen >>

On The Run

Whatever the reason is that brought John Ross Green, Tyler Miller, Brian Fisher and Ryan Weaver together to form On The Run, it is clear that they all produce with energy in mind. Describing their sound as alternative, rock and punk; OTR’s posseses the ability to develop a highly recognizable and positive sound. Their sound is crisp and clean with little room for the serendipitous. The band members all exhibit the ability to wield their instruments swiftly; a skill that may be on the out as synthesizers creep closer to the intricacies of the musicians’ hand. Punching through the rhythm are Green’s vocals which are refined and projective. His delivery is straight-piped and laminar. The result is a vocal track that pops and distinguishes itself against harmonizing guitars. READ MORE & Take A Listen >>

MuzicNotez Crew

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