Every aspiring and successful indie musician knows how much research and work it takes to find the proper indie promoters to submit their music to. You need to constantly submit your new music and your press kits to as many avenues possible to get your music out there and become heard.

Over the years at MuzicNotez, as well as our partners The Emerging Talent Agency, we have worked with and discovered the best indie resources to help emerging artists become heard. Now we have teamed up to combine our knowledge and connections to offer indie campaigns for you to be submitted to our best connections that suite you.

You Will Receive:

ETA Indie Campaign

  • Professional Representation
    • Press release created for you
    • Recommended to our connections
    • Access to all of our indie connections
    • Also MuzicNotez.com’s connections
    • Higher chance of being accepted
  • More Time For Your Music!
    • Don’t spend all day researching for the best indie promoters, we did for you
    • Spend your valuable time making music
  • Social Marketing
    • Through our Twitter/Facebook
    • And our parnters MuzicNotez pages

We will create a professional press release for you, represent you, and recommend you to these resources (mags, labels, radio stations, managers) to be included within their network. We have built relationships with most of these connections in the past, and that will help your odds of being accepted by them.

Emerging Talent Agency TuneBreaker.com Indie Music Bus Niji Magazine Niji Magazine

(Examples of elite indie resources whom we submit you to)

MuzicNotez Crew