We have had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Independent Music Promotions founder, and writer of the book “Your Band Is A Virus” James Moore. He has had years of experience within the independent music industry and has amazing knowledge of how to succeed as an indie musician. James is an honest and hard working promoter of some of the best upcoming indie talents in the world. In this interview you’ll learn more about James, his book, his company and endless tips to succeed within the indie industry.

  • MuzicNotez Crew: How long have you been promoting indie music?
    • James Moore: I have been promoting independent music for close to 10 years, first for my own former music projects and then for other bands and artists. It’s really been over the past 2 years that Independent Music Promotions was born, and it’s grown exponentially over the past 6 months. In 2010, I wrote “Your Band Is A Virus”, which was really written as a response to a lot of the other music marketing books that were on the market at the time. I found that a lot of them contained a lot of filler, and many of the promotion tips just weren’t overly practical. I was inspired to write a book that spoke from my own experience as to what works and what doesn’t, and to put it in a conversational tone.

      So overall, it’s been 10 years of promoting music, but much of that time was spent learning what tends to work and what doesn’t. That’s all contributed to how I work today with Independent Music Promotions.
MuzicNotez Crew

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