Andrew David Weber

Andrew David Weber

Andrew David Weber The First’s new album is called “Sorry I’m Late”. This album is exactly the reason I love independent music, and why we created MuzicNotez to highlight new music such as his. He’s the writer, vocals, guitar, piano, drums and more. The album ranges from heartfelt acoustics’ to even busten’ a line in a couple of songs with Number 2wo and Sane G. Andrew’s an extremely gifted musician and writer, we have no doubts that he’ll continue to rise to the top! Aside from his solo career he’s also a member of the band Whiskey Of The Damned, be sure to check them out if you haven’t already. Don’t miss a track from his album below, and be sure to click the links to the titles to vote on the tracks to hit the top of our NotezWorthy charts, enjoy!

Intro (Someday)

Dear World

Sorry I’m Late

Beautiful (You’re Far Too Kind)

Nothing To Show (Ft. Number 2wo)

Discarded Words

Deserve Me (Ft. Number 2wo and Sane G)

Losing Hope

Beautiful Sun

Shades Of Blue





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