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MuzicNotez is now proud to be affiliated with Online Recording Masters!
The first international online production organization on the planet!
They have all the tools you need to take your music to the next level. A group of cutting edge sound professionals, top of the line equipment, and their professional recording studio is all at your fingertips for a fraction of the price. With all this you can have your songs professionally mastered all online.
Pro Session Musicians
Their pro session musicians create music in all genres and have worked with famous acts all around the world including Elton John, Phil Collins, Beyonce, Rihanna, David Essex, Kylie Minogue, Courtney Love, Joe Cocker, Diana Ross and more from all around the globe! You could be the next!

Strings and Horns
Inside the ORM Production Studio
Get your songs produced right here…
Click here for more photos inside of the studio!

Inside the ORM Mastering Studio
And then mastered here… all from your seat! For a fraction of the price of anywhere else.
+An exclusive 20% discount through MuzicNotez!

How does this all work?


  1. First you contact the Online Recording Masters to tell them what you need and get a free quote.

  2. Upon agreeing on a price an account is created for you with a folder to put any files you have pertaining to the track to be mastered.
  3. The Online Recording Masters take your ideas, music and master it for you. Once this is complete they post the pre-final sample into your client folder for your approval, if you do not approve they make any adjustments you see fit to get the perfect mastered song you ultimately desire.
  4. Once you approve the final proof of the song you pay your final fee and you’re ready to begin promoting your newly professionally mastered hit!

Not only is this all already a great deal for any independent or professional musician, but as a MuzicNotez member… you get a 20% discount on all these services exclusively through us using affiliation code “MNotez“!
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