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Iggy Azalea new single ‘Iggy Szn’ off upcoming 2nd album ‘Reclassified’

Iggy Azalea new single 'Iggy Szn' off upcoming 2nd album 'Reclassified'

Iggy Azalea has dropped the first single from the upcoming album 'Reclassified' and its called 'Iggy Szn' (translated... Iggy Season). Sticking to the pattern of constantly ...

Death Industry ‘Process Of Elimination’

Death Industry 'Process Of Elimination'

Facebook: Twitter: @Celvest Reverbnation: Death Industry is an instrumental artist that is a mixture of electro, hard rock, metal, and industrial. The solo multi-instrumentalist Marcel Pyron was born ...

Estrella announce release of their new single “Here I Am”

Estrella announce release of their new single Here I Am

Facebook: Twitter: @Estrella_Rocks YouTube: Website: Scottish rock four-piece Estrella reveal the first single to be released from their second album. The much anticipated track, aptly named, "Here I ...

Jess Thristan releases full video to celebrate ‘Little Bird’ single release

Jess Thristan releases full video to celebrate 'Little Bird' single release

Facebook: Twitter: @JessThristan iTunes: Download 'Little Bird' HERE >> Website: Out now, this is 'Little Bird' - the new single from excellent new UK songwriter Jess Thristan. At just ...

‘The Master Queen Of Love’ Alona C is no ‘TV Clown’

'The Master Queen Of Love' Alona C is no 'TV Clown'

Facebook: Twitter: @AlonaEddry Instagram: @AlonaEddry SoundCloud: Alona C is a 25 years old artist whom was born in New York and raised in Israel. She knew very early on ...

Childefy’s new EP ‘ZerO HerO’

Childefy's new EP 'ZerO HerO'

Zer0 Her0 EP by Childefy Facebook: Twitter: @childefy Instagram: @childefy SoundCloud: bandcamp: Download 'Childefy' here >> Childefy: to defy everything like a child. Using their music to bring creativity, imagination, and ...

Stellarscope ‘Overblown’

Stellarscope 'Overblown'

Facebook: Twitter: @PateticoRecords Soundcloud: iTunes: Download 'Stellarscope' here >> Philadelphia's Stellarscope are a staple of the indie rock scene with their unique brand of post-punk indie rock. Their music ...

Iggy Azalea new single ‘Iggy Szn’ off upcoming 2nd album ‘Reclassified’

Iggy Azalea new single 'Iggy

on Oct 23, 20141
Death Industry ‘Process Of Elimination’

Death Industry 'Process Of Elimination'

on Oct 23, 20142
Estrella announce release of their new single “Here I Am”

Estrella announce release of their

on Oct 23, 20143
Jess Thristan releases full video to celebrate ‘Little Bird’ single release

Jess Thristan releases full video

on Oct 22, 20144
‘The Master Queen Of Love’ Alona C is no ‘TV Clown’

'The Master Queen Of Love'

on Oct 22, 20145
Childefy’s new EP ‘ZerO HerO’

Childefy's new EP 'ZerO HerO'

on Oct 21, 20146
Stellarscope ‘Overblown’

Stellarscope 'Overblown'

on Oct 21, 20147
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