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Cedar Teeth new roots-rock album ‘Hoot’

Cedar Teeth new roots-rock album 'Hoot'

Website: Facebook: Twitter: @CedarTeethBand Bandcamp: Download Cedar Teeth's album Hoot here Cedar Teeth's song "Winter" has the ting and the tang of modern folk, the rustic jive of bluegrass, ...

Myles Sanko ‘So Hard To Stop’

Myles Sanko 'So Hard To Stop'

If you're a regular, you know I gotta have my soul fix and this brother is my pusher today, bringing me to an absolute musical high! This truly ...

Kwame Binea Shakedown debut single ‘Let Go’

Kwame Binea Shakedown debut single 'Let Go'

New York City-based roots rock songwriter/singer Kwame Binea who fronts the Kwame Binea Shakedown has announced the worldwide digital release of their debut single, "Let Go," for ...

Alexander Wolfe’s 3rd album out now – ‘From the Shallows’

Alexander Wolfe's 3rd album out now - 'From the Shallows'

Facebook: Twitter: @AlexanderWolfe Instagram: @AlexanderWolfegram Website: The above track, 'Trick of the Light', is the opening song from the new, and third album from excellent singer-songwriter Alexander Wolfe. The ...

M.E.L. – ‘Changed’

M.E.L. - 'Changed'

It's definitely been awhile since our Q&A back in 2013. She took some time off(line), to get some inspiration flowing again and dayum, it's flowing alright! Teaming up ...

Enter The Paradox ‘Sweet Intentions’

Enter The Paradox 'Sweet Intentions'

Facebook: Twitter: @EnterTheParado1 Website: Los Angeles-based pop-punk, progressive rock band Enter The Paradox release their upbeat single that will surely excite any fans of Blink-182, Fall Out Boy ...

John Graham will ‘Roll the Dice’ with new single and album ‘Cold Sun’ this June

John Graham will 'Roll the Dice' with new single and album 'Cold Sun' this June

June 29th album 'Cold Sun' to be introduced with single 'Roll The Dice' on June 1st through Distinctive Records Facebook: Twitter: @Quivver Soundcloud: UK born but now US based, ...

Cedar Teeth new roots-rock album ‘Hoot’

Cedar Teeth new roots-rock album

on Apr 22, 20151
Myles Sanko ‘So Hard To Stop’

Myles Sanko 'So Hard To

on Apr 22, 20152
Kwame Binea Shakedown debut single ‘Let Go’

Kwame Binea Shakedown debut single

on Apr 21, 20153
Alexander Wolfe’s 3rd album out now – ‘From the Shallows’

Alexander Wolfe's 3rd album out

on Apr 20, 20154
M.E.L. – ‘Changed’

M.E.L. - 'Changed'

on Apr 20, 20155
Enter The Paradox ‘Sweet Intentions’

Enter The Paradox 'Sweet Intentions'

on Apr 17, 20156
John Graham will ‘Roll the Dice’ with new single and album ‘Cold Sun’ this June

John Graham will 'Roll the

on Apr 16, 20157
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