Out of Texas, the singer-songwriter Todd Barrow released the new country single ‘Gonna Drive’. Todd is an award winning artist that really excels at it all. He’s not just a good songwriter for himself, as he writes for other artists too. Plus, he plays a wide variety of instruments, and he’s a singer, Todd Barrow can do it all. He takes inspiration from the country classics, but brings a modern twist to his brand of country melodies. But at the heart of any country hit, is strong story telling through the songwriting, Todd’s songs always meet that standard.

The new single by Todd Barrow, ‘Gonna Drive’ is a perfect road trip song. Listening to this song, you can almost feel the wind blowing in your hair with the windows down, as you’re driving down the road. The song is a classic American expression of freedom. There really is nothing more free than driving down the road, going wherever you want to go. The chorus is really catchy and you’ll find yourself humming it later. This song really has everything you want, it’s just a great song! Watch the video for it below and be sure to follow Todd’s social pages.

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