See Your Shadow has released a new music video for the track ‘I Will Tell Jesus You Said Hello’. See Your Shadow Songwriting is a unique musicial project created by Michael Coleman, out of Phoenix, Arizona. This collaborative effort is unique in the fact that instead of having a single vocalist or musician be the star of a group, the songs themselves are the focal point and stars that shine. They focus and harness their superior songwriting abilities to create amazing hard hitting tracks that each stand out on their own. Michael Coleman himself has even earned the honor of being the only professional songwriter to be nominated for the office of Poet Laurette in the State of Ohio.

The project began by creating mostly dance club music and work in film/television. However, recently they re-branded to focus on their first love, country and western. This is a perfect choice, as the genre is known for being heavily focused on story telling in the songwriting, tailoring to their strengths. The talented network of artists and vocalists are very impressive.

Now, the latest release is the track ‘I Will Tell Jesus You Said Hello’. This is obviously a more Christian leaning Country track and it has a very sentimental backstory. The song is basically about a loved one, in this case a child, whom die’s too soon, however, they’re able to take comfort in the fact that even though he may be gone, he’s up in heaven and they’ll see him again someday. A very emotional sentiment that I’m sure any faithful person can understand and take comfort in. Enjoy the official music video for the track below.

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