Website: TylerChildersMusic.com
Twitter: @ttchilders
Instagram: @timmytychilders

Hailing from Paintsville, Kentucky, Tyler Childers is a solo artist who has already made a name for himself in the bluegrass and country scene. Erupting out of Appalachia with a pleasingly shrill voice that soars high and dances low, the young songwriter creates music that is a far cry ahead of modern country music stars, boasting a plethora of songs showcasing his ability to weave gripping stories interspersed with sharp imagery. Beautiful, folksy songs such as “Feathered Indians” have flowing, gilded lyrics that take the listener crashing through the dense thickets of Kentucky; there are songs that are full of grit and grime, like “Whitehouse Road”. “Banded Clovis” is particularly interesting, detailing the day of a group of pill junkies digging for prehistoric Clovis Indian points to sell, ultimately leading to a murder. Tyler Childers’ newest album, Country Squire, was released in August: Country Squire is full of foot-stomping country and bluegrass songs, while simultaneously dabbling in a more Rock style with “All Your’n”, to produce an exhilarating, must have album.

This review was written by MuzicNotez writer Samuel Weber

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