Veridia is a band that was founded in 2014 and is an alternative rock pop band. With powerful vocals and captivating music. After two EPs, in October 2018 they released their first full length album, “The Beast You Feed.”
Currently, they are on tour with Evanescence. This is a show that I highly recommend you go to. From beginning to end it is worth every second.

Website: www.VeridiaMusic.com
Twitter: @VERIDIA

I had the pleasure of seeing Veridia live, this past week, opening for Evanescence. I had never heard of them before I walked into the show I was attending. A lady in front of us said who cares who they are, no one is here to see them. I wasn’t sure what to expect.
Then they came out, and within two impressive seconds of Deena Jakoub’s distinctive vocals, I was instantly hooked. I couldn’t get enough. As was everyone around me, including the lady in front of me. Everyone was dancing and yelling. The entire crowd moving and grooving. They were an excellent fit for Evanescence. When Deena Jakoub brought out Amy Lee to join her on the piano and vocals, the whole place was completely in awe of how beautiful both woman sounded.
Veridia’s music reminds me of something you would hear at Warped Tour. If anyone out there with the power to get them on the bill at some point, do it. Veridia would be perfect for Warped Tour. I enjoyed the mix or rapping, with the pop sounds. They provided a very industrial feel. The music was as amazing as Deena’s vocals. The powerful energy the band shared, was passed onto the crowd. You could feel the music in your bones. With songs that just hit your soul, like Cheshire Smile and Numb, you just fall in love with this band.
Since seeing them, we have all been telling friends and family about them. My brother is hooked, and we had a conversation on Facebook about how we all need to buy their CD and see them again.
I cant say enough how much I enjoyed not only hearing this excellent band, but seeing them. But don’t take it from me, watch the videos below and explore Veridia for yourself at www.VeridiaMusic.com.
You won’t regret it.
Numb (audio only):

Cheshire Smile (audio only):

Pretty Lies:


This review was written by Michelle Haigh

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