The Gary Douglas Band has released the highly anticipated lyric video for the new single ‘Nothing Ever Goes As Planned’. This single is off of the just released album ‘Deep In The Water’. The track touches base on the turbulent times we’ve faced here in America, aka “The Promised Land” as stated in the song. Something that we’re all feeling these days strong as ever. No matter which side you may be on, one thing we can all come together and agree upon, is that nothing ever goes as planned!
In the new video displays a lot of the iconic scene’s we’ve been experiencing lately in person or on our screens. Fittingly, along with the scenes of people marching, the chorus has a chanting kind of vibe to it. With a chorus of people singing out “Nothing – Nothing – Nothing Ever Goes as Planned”. Music has often been an agent of change. Gary Douglas is also a lawyer though, and has fought for change on that side of things as well, which I’m sure has helped fuel a lot of his lyrics. Check out the video for yourself via YouTube below.

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