Twitter: @youngrebell9322

The female lyricist Young Rebelliou$ is our of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Her latest track ‘Hyjack’ can be listened to below via the Soundcloud widget. The emerging artist is working hard to bring lyricism back to hip hop, with all the lazy mumble rap you hear these days on the forefront, that’s great news! She has transformed her style throughout the years, along with taking on various stage name’s per each era. Ultimately, finding her true voice and style as Young Rebelliou$. Taking some time as a Christian rapper for her church, she keeps that positive energy in her raps, keeping her rhymes clean and curse free.
The new track ‘Hyjack’ is an excellent example of who Young Rebelliou$ is as a rap artist. Excellent flow, thought provoking and positive lyrics. Music with a message. Promoting intellectual tools as the best weapons to surpass oppression. It’s refreshing to hear such an uplifting message, hopefully the message reaches the masses. Looking forward to see what she has in store for us next, and you can be you’ll hear it here!

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