A few months ago I had the pleasure of hearing November Lounge for the first time at a coffee shop open mic in Phoenixville, PA. I was immediately impressed by their cohesiveness and songwriting ability. I’m happy to say that their debut EP, Therapy, does just what the title implies: gives therapy to my musical ear.
November Lounge’s sound is a soothing, refreshing blend of soft alternative and jazz. From the opening track “Let Me Be Yours,” they tantalize with tasteful guitar licks, groovy bass lines, and the warm, crooning timbre of vocalist Aaron Abercrombie. Each part, from Abercrombie’s vocals and jazzy guitar, to Zach Washko’s bass, to Alex Rubin’s drums, shines individually but also attends to the whole. The saxophone and keyboard parts are sparse enough to be savored and well placed to help develop each song. The boys of November Lounge are clearly masters of subtlety; Rubin’s xylophone hits and Josh Tindall’s piano melodies in the song “Promises” could go almost unnoticed by the casual listener, but add such depth and color when recognized.
The romantic lyrics benefit from Abercrombie’s sultry voice and crystal clear harmonies. The album as a whole tells a storybook but honest love story with lyrics such as, “I’m packing our bags for the midday train / I don’t know where we’re going, but I want to get lost in the worst way.”
Overall, the Therapy EP is an impressive showcase of November Lounge’s musical talent and lyrical storytelling ability. I very much look forward to hearing more from this group.

Review written by MuzicNotez writer Michael LaBella
Follow him on Twitter @mlabellamusic or on www.MichaelLaBelleaMusic.com

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