When I came down with the flu a few weeks back, this brother decided to send me a copy of his album ‘United We Fall‘ to brighten up my days of running a fever and blowing snot bubbles. And that, it absolutely did!
That feel good Americana twang, with a pinch of folk-rock was the (musical) medicine the doctor ordered! It’s that refined music balance that makes this appealing to everyone!
While they are on the verge of dropping their new single and music video ‘Let Somebody Love You‘, figured I would introduce you to Adrian Duffy & The Mayo Brothers. ‘Cause take it from me, their music will sure as hell make you feel good!

Check in with Adrian Duffy & The Mayo Brothers on:
Twitter: @WithAdrianDuffy
Facebook: facebook.com/AdrianDuffyMusic
Website: adrianduffy.com
iTunes: Adrian Duffy & The Mayo Brothers’ album ‘United We Fall’
This was presented by The Dutch Guy

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