The Humble Grapes are a pop/rock duo out of NYC. Producer David Kaufman and vocalist Brie Capone combine to create that duo. Their highly anticipated new single ‘Young and Alive’ just came out September 18th. You can check out the very unique video for this single below. The track is extremely upbeat, catchy and has an excellent positive message.
“We wanted to create a fun and upbeat song. Nothing too heavy lyrically, but we love arranging rich and funky bass lines, drum parts and vocal lines. The lyrics speak to a youthful urge to just be, and have fun, something both Dave and I can relate to. The song is about wanting to get out and enjoy life while you can even if you’re young and broke as a window,” says lead vocalist Brie Capone.
This band is a real breath of fresh air. Brie’s voice is amazing and blends perfectly with David’s masterful skills on the piano to create something truly unique. It must be hard for The Humble Grapes to stay so humble with how good they are! I’ve been listening to a lot of their other songs too and they’re a lot of fun to listen to and watch in their various music videos which you know translates to the live shows.
They will be performing throughout the NYC area over the next couple of months and have plans to expand touring throughout the tri-state area in 2016. They’re also working on their EP set to release sometime in January, 2016.

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