‘This not it for the faint of heart’, that’s how the song starts and hot dayum, they’re right! Stomping drums, muddy guitar riffs together with the raw & powerful vocals of Dorothy, makes this one helluva edgy swamp rock band, with a bluesy touch!
It’s easygoing cool, yet with an electrifying vibe. Or as they like to say, ‘rock that we think Beavis & Butthead would like’. And with the huge buzz they created for themselves online, and the fact they’re cooking up their debut album right now, don’t think Beavis & Butthead are the only ones who dig Dorothy!

Check in with DOROTHY on:
Twitter: @ItsDorothySucka
Instagram: @ItsDorothySucka
Facebook: facebook.com/ItsDorothySucka
iTunes: Single ‘Wicked Ones’
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