Chand K Nova is a multi instrumental artist from London, England. He picked up a guitar at an early age and has been rocking it ever since. His debut release was the EP ‘The Solar Bliss‘ back in June. Now on August 24th he just released his new album ‘The Wrath Of Chand’.
The new album features 12 new tracks that showcase Chand’s darker side with a lot heavier guitar shredding featured throughout. Not only are there catchy, heavy riffs on this album, but also some intense and lengthy guitar solos! I’m personally a huge fan of the long shredding guitar solo so it’s always nice to see that featured in new music. Once again all of the instruments on the album are played by Chand K Nova, showing off his wide array of talents. He’s been very busy lately releasing a ton of music, and we can’t wait to hear what’s next.
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