Country music isn’t typically a genre associated with the United Kingdom. It’s built from the roots of folk music, but most commonly linked with the southern United States. In Lucy May however, we might have an artist who is about to change that.

Her debut album, featuring excellent singles ‘We Got It’ and (title song) ‘Whirlwind’ shows a songwriter with an assured hand. Her pop melodies are immediately accessible, backed by country licks which can stand up to the best of them.
It’s a slightly retro reference, but her sense of easy going lyricism and flowing rhythms are straight out of the Shania Twain playbook, albeit with a few more contemporary references to bring them up to date. But country music is by choice a traditional genre, and ‘Whirlwind’ benefits from not going too hip and modern. At its core, this is good a vocal and chord combinations, well-structured and immediately hummable.
Of course, if you wilfully chase the latest alternative act recommended by NME, then Lucy May might not be your cup of tea. However, if you like good new music that will immediately get your feet tapping, ‘Whirlwind’ might just tickle your fancy.
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