If you’re a regular, you know I need my disco/funk fix from time to time and this sister?! She definitely knows how to get down and boogie!
With a heavy wink to the late 70s/80s, hell, wish there was a 12? version of this. The sound, the moves, the look, the feel, she got it all down!
The only thing I like to know, is this groovy gem also available on wax? ‘Cause Gavin Turek is 2015’s Donna Summer, the new disco queen!

Check in with Gavin Turek on:
Twitter: @GavinTurek
Facebook: facebook.com/GavinTurekOfficial
Website: gavinturek.com
iTunes: Gavin Turek’s single ‘Don’t Fight It’
This was presented by The Dutch Guy

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