Only a short while has passed since Australian vocalist Daniel Koek left London’s West End stage following an epic, year-long run as Les Miserables’ Jean Valjean. However, it seems that while Koek (pronounced ‘Cook’) was juggling his stage job with some time in the studio.
The result is new album ‘High’, a release that marks Koek out as a versatile vocalist well worth checking out. His clean, wide ranging take on classical tinged pop is a real joy, and reminds you of just how good singers need to be to star on the West End stage.
Seemingly equally at home whether he’s turning his talents to Billy Joel cover versions or ‘Bring Him Home’ from Les Mis, Daniel Koek is an artist who knows just how to utilise his considerable talent. With 12 tracks at his disposal on this album, it would be easy for one or two to be poorly chosen or recorded.
But every song suits his vocal perfectly, with arrangements allowing him to really show what he can do. So if you’re keen on hearing a classically trained vocalist turning out incredible performances, ‘High’ might just be for you.

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