In a musical landscape where the indie scene, far from being innovative, seems to be turning inwards on itself to create homogenised, packaged ‘indie’ for the masses, thank goodness for The Lowriders.
Based in Essex in the South East of England, this is a band with a clear respect for what makes indie-rock music great – as evidenced by their debut album.
Self-titled, the album shows the Lowriders to be respectful of what’s gone before, with stylistic nods to everyone from the Kinks to the Beatles, U2 to Muse. However, with their own unique sense of layering, production and lightness, they have created an album that is both compelling and a thrilling in equal measure.
It’s been a long time since a UK band was truly ‘creative’ in their sound and approach, but in looking backwards to go forward, The Lowriders have broken the mould.
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