Born and raised in the state of Washington, Sammattick The Rebel always knew he wanted to make a mark on the entertainment industry. Hoping to one day build an influential empire, he is an upcoming, multitalented hip hop and rap sensation. At a young age he experimented with different sounds and instruments like the drums and bass guitar, as he loved the combination of percussion and song. Sammattick knew if we wanted to reach his goal of ultimate success, he had to move to California. Making his way to Victorville, where he currently resides, the young rapper recorded singles to SoundCloud and started to attract a lot of positive attention. He is set to release sophomore mixtape “A Curse and A Blessing” this summer, featuring the single “I Want You ft. Jackson 5”.
His hit single ‘Summertime’ is a perfect summer anthem to kick your summer off right. It’s hard to listen to this song and not want to just stop working, go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. The chill beat combined with his rap verses and catchy chorus make this a prime track to be a summertime hit. So go start the bon fire, grab a drink and your summer!

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