Out next week through Right Track Records and Universal, ‘Obvious’ is the new single from a new UK artist known simply as Max. Already making huge inroads into the UK music industry at the age of just 18, he has worked with some of the top names as a multi-instrumentalist, performing and recording alongside the likes of Gary Barlow, Donny Osmond, Geri Halliwell, Peter Kay and more.
With any luck, these inroads will see the talented youngster make his way up the ladder thanks to the contacts he will no doubt have been building up. But it also helps that his music is fantastic fun.
Straight up pop, full of catchy melodies and earworm lyrics, he also seems to have a nose for a good video to showcase his tunes. His debut single ‘Obvious’ is a great introduction to the scene for a very promising artist indeed, fingers crossed his next release will be just as solid.

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