One of the most subtle and affecting tracks of the last couple of years (at least as far as mainstream success goes), Lana Del Rey’s ‘Video Games’ is one of the tracks that have made her into a global star. Gentle and thoughtful, the last thing you would expect to work is a rock version.
Step forward BiasFirey, the Scottish band who have made sure it’s just as affecting with an entirely different type of subtlety (or, on occasion, lack thereof).
Surprisingly, the song really lends itself to the powerchord approach, which means that this can really stand up well alongside the original. It helps that BiasFirey are clearly a band who know what they’re doing, and have a female vocalist who can follow ably in Lana Del Rey’s footsteps.
And, with recent album ‘Hundred Thousand Souls’ proving to be popular with certain online sites, this new video can’t hurt their forward momentum.
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