Yeah, I know… I suck! This has been sitting on my virtual shelf for too damn long! But since I’m in my music groove today, I wanna share my Sunday mojo with you… An extra feature, ’cause I simply can!
I’ve been eyeballing Canadian singer/songwriter Lexi Strate for some time now. Hell, my friends of Milk Music Co made sure I did! And with ‘Chances‘, I understand why this sister has been getting the awesome radio play in Canada!
It’s a catchy pop track, that will lift your spirits right up, no matter what. And whether you’re young or *cough* lil’ *cough* older like me, sister is right!.. You definitely gotta live a little!
Now be honest! Lexi Strate and me, we did give you some Sunday music mojo with this extra feature, didn’t we?

Check in with Lexi Strate on:
Twitter: @LexiStrate
Facebook: facebook.com/LexiStrate
Website: lexistrate.com
iTunes: Single ‘Chances’
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