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MTV Brand New Unsigned nominee aiming to make 2014 the breakthrough year
The brainchild of singer-songwriter Radhika Rathinasabapathy, Resonance is a music project that specialises in bringing multiple genres together under one voice. As comfortable with funk and rock as with pop and calypso, Resonance is difficult to pigeonhole and all the better for it.
New single ‘Mister Policeman’ sits squarely in the funk bracket, opening with a rhythmic, guitar laced groove and never letting up. With a brazen, infectious beat and a selection of dynamic rhythms, it’s dark but fun – catchy and energetic enough to turn an acoustic performance of the song into an impromptu jam at a recent gig.

The track is addressed to a character in a fantasy book series, one of a multitude of art forms with which Resonance feels a creative affinity. In one of the books he’s possessed by a demon, which leads him to battle the beast as he tries to do the right thing in his day job – hence the lyric ‘does the job of angels with a devil inside him, it’s true that there’s not far to fall / every time he sees it in their eyes, he sees it in his own / tell me what are you, mister policeman?’

Listed last year as a nominee for MTV’s Brand New Unsigned Competition, Resonance is a project with genuine pedigree. The new tracks, recorded by Dave Moore (who works on the sound team for X Factor/BGT and also worked on Bond film Skyfall) and mastered by John Davis (Led Zeppelin, U2, Lana Del Rey, Paloma Faith), mark out their ambitions to become one of the premier new bands of 2014 – a far cry from the career as a lawyer that Radhika left behind to set the whole thing up.
It is this change of scenery which informed the band’s name. Resonance is ‘what happens when something moves at its natural frequency’, something Radhika feels she is now able to do having left her legal career behind to focus on writing and performing.
Music was always going to come calling for Radhika, and so it proved. And it’s paying off too – the steadily growing online fanbase are coming from far and wide, from the UK, France, India, Singapore and Indonesia.
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