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Canadian artist Gaiaisi has teamed up with 5 major environmental groups to release the music video ‘Change The Earth’ which aims to do just that. The song and video’s goal is to raise awareness on climate change around the world.
The video features a mixture of clips portraying a wide variety of issues from around the planet. Some are portraying the beauty of our planet, its wildlife and animals. Other clips show a variety of the natural disasters that have been happening worldwide from fires to floods. It also features the causes of humanity’s footprint on this planet such as pollution and deforestation. Then on the positive side it features activists fighting to save the world along with Gaiaisi.
The song itself features a very catchy chorus calling for change, while the verses turn to a hard hitting and dramatic rap. The video has already been viewed over 40,000 times sense its October, 2013 release. It does a brilliant job shedding more light on these global issues that we all inevitably face. As long as we have artists like Gaiaisi around fighting for our planet, I think we have a chance! Help support him by sharing this video, and following all of his pages.
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