Star David is a reggae and dancehall artist since 1992. Star David was born in Wolverhampton UK, but grew up in Kingston Jamaica. There I went to basic school, St Judes Primary School, and also attended Ardenne High. At age 17 I came to the britworld, my godfather count Ossie a sound man in the biz for over 40 years was my guardian. Star David visited club La Mont Rouge every weekend Count Ossie’s sound system was the resident sound. From there I started to chat lyrics on microphone, attended studio, but my first big important show was a DJ (spit barz) competition, I made it to the finals & finished in sixth place. Points were deducted from my score, if it wasn’t for that I would have won. Anyway I carried on recording tunes at the Sam Sharpe Music Project studio, rowed with the Wolverhampton sound system such as Kebra Negus,Genesis etc, done shows at the local clubz n throughout the midlands, done dubplates, radio jingles, interviews, my first vinyl was on the Blue Swan Label a tune entitled ((slice of de cake)) on the gate man riddim, international reggae super Star Macka B was on the A side of the 12 inch record. The popular reggae music distribution Jet Star distributed my music worldwide. In wolverhampton there is a community radio station by the name of skyline radio, this station played its role in my career by being the first radio to airplay my music materials, from back in the days until present day, DJ Bangi, Dj Bullett, Captain & Country Judah, dread Lester etc.
In 2010 I shell dung the Anam Bar lounge night club on two separate occasions with a Christmas tune entitled ((santaz number)), I was nominated for a mp3 award in 2010,in 2011 i was also nominated for another mp3 awards the tune that got me there was ((mi boss)) Dag production on the potential riddim, recorded at the Loc recording studios in UK london, the track mi boss was a dancehall hit on hirefm radio, I recently done the video in 2013 and now it is a youtube hit. In January I recorded a new track entitled ((bare badness kgn 11)) which is causing controversy because Jamaica’s new born Spartan Star Tommy Lee uses the exact same words (“bare badness“). I recently did a music video the hit views are rising rapidly on youtube. In 2013 the track Jamaica is on the Jamaica 1,2,3 riddim is the one submitted to the Mp3 awards jukebox player. Star David has got a few youtube hit tracks & will definitely get more.
Star David of Dag Production done the Mad Bongo cart man video three episoses, the UK hottaz video featuring UK dancehall artists. I have been on Ben TV sky channel on a few occasions my music video & adverts. In the late part of the year 2013 I was interviewed by Dj Thugzy on natural vibes radio, & also done a brilliant airwaves performance for the public. I have recorded at Phattrax studio, Loc studio, Raspect studio, UB 40 studio, Mafia & Fluxy, Sam Sharpe studio, & Divinity studio.
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