Sharp Practise plays melodic rock. Like the great classic rock groups, we want to be a credible act that is capable of having hit singles. From progressive rock we’ve taken the idea of trying to develop the quality of our playing to a good standard. Like punks we want to make our own opportunities when none already exist. And from the days of the great album bands, we want to use the studio as an additional instrument.
We have just released our fifth album, Steal with Pride. A video for Hard Heart, the first single from the album has also been released.
Albums released so far are Hiya (2000), Radiocity (2005), Banging the Rocks (2009) and Now You See Us (2010). The first three are studio albums, the fourth a live recording. The current line-up of Sharp Practise got together during the recording of Banging the Rocks and features Nigel Clothier (vocals and keyboards), Simon Foley (guitars), Ryan Lawson (bass) and Michael Elwood (drums).
We got our name from the first record company we worked with. Nigel had sent them some demos on which he had played all the instruments himself. They assumed they’d heard a band and wanted to sign that band. When Nigel confessed to this piece of “sharp practice” there was only one thing the band could ever be called.

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