Common, be honest! You immediately bumped your head when you hit that play button, didn’t ya?! It’s THAT groovy baby!
I always say, you gotta respect the classics and James Fox Higgings is doing that by bringing this groovy homage to the sound of that era, 1975.
It’s all part of his soon to drop concept album, placed around the sounds, sights & style of that year and I’m definitely looking forward to groove along on that one. James is not done grooving & moving you yet, trust me!

Check in with James Fox Higgins on:
Twitter: @JamesFoxHiggins
Facebook: facebook.com/JamesFoxHiggins
Website: jamesfoxhiggins.com
Soundcloud: Single ‘1975’ (FREE DOWNLOAD!)
Pre-Order: Pre-Order the album ‘1975’
This was presented by The Dutch Guy

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