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Amerikas Addiction’s unique hip-hop/electro-pop sound puts them into a genre unlike anyother artists. They pride themselves in their unclassified style and diverse fan base. With over 11 thousand Facebook followers and thousands of followers on Twitter, Amerikas Addiction works hard to produce top-quality music and show appreciations to their fans, which are also know as their addicts. “The most important element of our music is our fan base – the addicts. We do whatever we can to thank them for their support. It’s a beautiful thing to know that so many people can relate to such a unique type of music; and, that so many people do. Our music does a fine job of bringing people together.” – Amerikas Addiction
Amerikas Addiction continues to expose themselves in every way possible, as well as expose other individuals in the underground sector through their online blog www.dowhatyoudesire.com. The duo interviews select musical artists, DJs, and culturally influential people on a regular basis and features them on their blog.“We thrive off of the desire for success. We like to connect ourselves and other people with individuals who do the same. That is a huge part of who we are and what we stand for.”
Amerikas Addiction believes strongly in their signature phrase, “Do What You Desire.” They stand behind it in all that they do. Through grassroots promotions and organic word-of-mouth, Amerikas Addiction is spreading their name over the world through their number one desire: music.

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