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San Francisco artist, John Haesemeyer is influenced by the singer-songwriters of the 70’s such as Neil Young, Springsteen and Dylan. However, Haesemeyer’s music defies classification into any single genre. Instead it draws on a mix of folk, Americana, and other elements. It is hard to believe that Haesemeyer’s music career just launched in 2012; his strong songwriting and intelligent arrangements make his music sound like that of a true industry veteran. Haesemeyer’s music is a secret that needs to be told.
Haesemeyer released his debut record, Come Along Quickly, in January 2013. The track to his subsequently released music video, “Colors in Between” is a deep ballad reflecting on his childhood bond with his mother. Listen and you will get a real feel for the honest emotion with which Haesemeyer writes. Other songs that really show his diversity are “Come Along Quickly“, the more upbeat “A Little Confidence,” and the novel folk-rap collaboration, “Love, Why So Far Away?

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