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The Franklys will make you feel like you’ve been punched in the face, then helped back to your feet with love and tenderness.
An international female quartet consisting of Swedish Jennifer Ahlkvist & Fanny Broberg, English Zoë Biggs and American Nicole Pinto met through the love of playing music loud, fast and hard (but not too hard).
Don’t be mistaken though, these girls aren’t just one trick ponies bound to only one sound. They know when to bring the tempo down then work a crowd back into a frenzy.

With the aid of Fanny and Jen’s screaming 60’s guitars, Zoë’s driving bass and Nicole’s Keith Moon-esque drumming the girls mix rock’n’roll with catchy melodies & punky riffs influenced by Mando Diao, Queens of The Stone Age, Blondie, Arctic Monkeys and The Who.
The Franklys kicked off their first live gig together in 2012 by headlining and selling out the legendary 100 Club on Oxford Street. They’ve been playing at crowded venues to head-bopping audiences all over London since.
The Franklys began work on their self titled EP in late summer 2012. Recorded at Fish Factory Studios London, produced by Sean Douglas (Adam Ant, Wire) along with the band and mastered by Brian Lucey (The Black Keys, The Shins), the EP is a true representation of the band with an array of different styles which sit together effortlessly. It’s a clear step forward for The Franklys, after well received previous single recordings, this is a band who has found their sound but are expanding their boundaries, with everything from angular post-punk to happy pop.
The 5-track EP was released on February 8th 2013 with a sell out Launch Party, held in the vintage clothes shop Paper Dress in Shoreditch.
If you’re bored of rock music, then you haven’t heard these girls play.

“If 50’s rock’n’roll met 70’s punk and had a lovechild, it would be The Franklys.” – The Grapevine Music
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